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Deliver machine learning driven intelligence and solutions to your clients by collaborating as a partner. Expand your portfolio to offer data science, cloud or machine learning services and benefit from shared expertise to scale your proposition with the data-driven experts. 

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We are a key specialist Data Science & Machine Learning member of the Microsoft Partner Network. We hold accredited Silver level competencies in both Data Analytics and Data Platform. 

Apogee Software specialise in the development of big data analytics and converting bleeding edge machine learning algorithms into production ready enterprise solutions for financial markets.  

We are a Consulting Partner specialised in Machine Learning services and implementation and broad experience across data and cloud strategy and implementation.

We collaborate with Imperial College to support innovation and research projects, and work with multiple clients to solve new and bleeding edge challenges. 

We are a Google Cloud Platform partner specialised in Machine Learning services.

JTR are a close innovation partner and incubator for our Innovation Sandbox, exploring deep reinforcement learning and recurrent neural networks. 

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Explore what data science and machine learning means for your business and clients. Partner with us to deliver new value add services to your clients or work on bleeding edge solutions to drive innovations across the industry.




Employee Mental Wellbeing Analytics
mental wellbeing
Eugenio Rampinelli

Mental Wellbeing at Work

Mental wellbeing at work and workplace health have always been important for businesses, but it is only recently that these aspects are being really considered

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Charles Metz

Bringing forth a digital twin

Although autopilots are at the helm of sailing boats during large parts of the most prestigious sailing races, their inner workings remain largely untouched by machine learning and its opportunities. Explore how we developed a reliable digital twin of a sailing yacht that allows a deep reinforcement learning algorithm to learn intelligent steering behaviour.

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