Data in action

Our clients

The challenges presented by our clients range from simply increasing supply chain visibility with interactive dashboards to optimising machine performance through machine learning driven AI. We’ve delivered a range of exciting projects for our customers utilising our data accelerator framework. It provides the support to identify a unique data roadmap, clearly communicating available services to select and build solutions, and manage on-going operations.

Whatever the case, The Data Analysis Bureau works closely with you to define your challenge, even before you begin collecting data. We give clients the ability to identify the value of their data, obtain the best return and mitigate risk, and deliver insights that drive better decisions.

Explore some of our projects and possible data solutions below.

Application of Machine Learning Driven AI to a Cutting Edge Manufacturing Company​

Visualisation of Publicly Available Insurance Solvency II Data for B2B Marketing

Statistical Modelling and Machine Learning Driven Prediction of Consumer Behaviour for a multinational manufacturer, retailer and marketer

data solutions

The Data Analysis Bureau’s data scientists can use data to obtain value for your company in any number of different ways. The possibilities are almost endless and our data scientists can help you explore these. You may already have a lot of data available already and some you may need to collect.

Here are just a few examples of the types of ways that data scientists can help you gain value from your data: