Introducing: The Data Analysis Bureau



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A data science and advanced analytics provider that believes:
         “smarter data means better decisions”.

At The Data Analysis Bureau, we aim to help businesses cut through the technical jargon and develop data science solutions that solve real business challenges. From implementing AI to autopilot control systems for high-performance sport. To using advanced analytics and interactive dashboards for real-time decision making in healthcare and materials R&D. We help our clients to understand the data they have and how to apply data science techniques to unlock benefits for their organisation.

The Data Analysis Bureau Services

Data is so often misunderstood or over complicated. So, we’ve defined a simple, technology agnostic approach in the form of our Data Accelerator Framework.  It is designed to help organisations move from idea to implementation using an agile approach and at a pace to fit their business objectives. You can read more about the framework in Our Services.

If necessary, we start by exploring the client’s use and potential benefit from data and devise a data strategy. We then use our tried and test framework to quickly move onto building solutions to deliver real, iterative value. The end to end process helps clients progress through design to deployment using a flexible support model. Tailored to their needs, it helps them optimise their future data operations and services.

We also curate a community of highly experienced data professionals that have worked in a range of industries and on a range of technologies. This gives us the ability to find the right people and assemble a team to work alongside organisations to drive a competitive advantage. If you are a data professional, you can join our data scientists community.

With T-DAB, businesses have a simple means to access ready to go teams of experts that can rapidly build their data capabilities, solutions and products. For data professionals, it provides the support and opportunities to evolve, form dynamic teams, and immediately add value to a project.

T-DAB Blog

We will be running our blog regularly to share our data science expertise and insights from industry. We will also feature content to help you navigate the world of data such as our data readiness assessment and community events.

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