Predicting UTI Risk In Care Homes Pt. 2

Predicting UTI Risk in Care Homes

This article marks the conclusion of the project, its findings and new potential areas of development. Read the transcript from the episode with Eric Topham (ERIC), Kohdai Komorya (K), Hamid Khandahari (H) and Emily Naylor (E).

ML and NLP for E-Commerce

Machine Learning and NLP for E-Commerce product description personalisation

Listen to the episode HERE 2021 marks the second year of The Innovation Sandbox and will see us embark on several new projects, as well as some existing projects, with new students, new clients and new partnerships.   The Innovation Sandbox is a collaborative initiative at the confluence of industry & academia, allowing both academic types of research on real–world datasets and the transfer of cutting-edge machine learning research […]