Industrialising Machine Learning II

Industrialising Machine Learning

In the 16th episode of the business intelligence report in partnership with Bright Talk, we’ll be taking a deeper look into machine learning solutions, in particular, data-centric machine learning and machine learning pipelines, in conversation with Rajdeep Biswas, Director, Advanced Analytics & Machine Learning at Microsoft and Nik Spirin, Co-founder & CEO at Metapixel AI

Machine Learning Procedure at T-DAB.AI

Machine Learning Procedure - T-DAB.AI

In a previous article, I described the 4 development standards we developed at T-DAB.AI (T-DAB) for the successful delivery of machine learning projects. It featured a table that listed the components that we use to develop the machine learning model, and in this article, Machine Learning Procedure at T-DAB.AI, I describe in more detail what each of these steps consist of.  Pre-Processing Pre-processing consists of transforming the data into a table with rows being […]

Machine Learning Development Standards at T-DAB.AI

Machine learning Development Standards

As the data science and machine learning specialists, we are known for building data solutions that include machine learning (ML). We help clients and partners with delivering intelligent solutions through an end-to-end service; from ideation and strategy through to delivering models running in production. In our engagements, we typically receive a number of questions about […]

Microsoft Awards Gold Data Analytics Status to T-DAB.AI

gold microsoft partner the data analysis bureau

We are incredibly pleased to announce that we have obtained a Gold Data Analytics Partner accreditation with Microsoft. This Data and Artificial Intelligence focused competency continues to showcase T-DAB’s best in class technical capability. It also demonstrates our deep expertise through our Microsoft Certified Azure Data Scientists and Azure Data Engineers. Partners, such as Microsoft, […]

AI & Machine Learning in Finance & Portfolio Management

AI & machine learning in finance & portfolio management

What is the impact of AI & Machine Learning In Finance & Portfolio Management and how are they helping decision-makers have the best tools and assets to make the right decisions? Technology is a key component of asset management and is considered a vital function in many aspects of the financial investment process, ranging from […]

3 Ways AI & ML Can Change How You Interact with Our Workforce

AI & Machine Learning In The Workplace

Being in the aftermath of a global pandemic, the effects of the virus were felt by almost every worker in the UK. Millions of workers found themselves working remotely, with millions more placed on the government’s furlough scheme. Since that moment, businesses have had to rely on technology in order to keep their companies moving, […]

Data science in the capital markets

data science in the capital markets

Join T-DAB.AI and CJC Ltd as we explore the impact of data science in the capital markets and volatility of Covid-19 and benefits of data science and visualisation with long term partners CJC Ltd. In the first episode of a Partner Advocacy Series, Ivan and I join Steven Moreton, Global Head of Product Management, to discuss the work we’re doing […]

T-DAB Lab: Innovation Sandbox


In the fast-moving multidisciplinary field of commercial data science and engineering, staying abreast and ahead of rapid technological change is key. T-DAB’s mission is to deliver cutting edge solutions incorporating the latest developments in machine and deep learning, and data engineering. Research and Application T-DAB bridges the gap between research and application. Our philosophy is […]