About the t-dab team

The story so far

T-DAB was born in November 2016. Originally the brainchild of co-founders Eric and Paul after a chance meeting on a train, it took several months for the team to map out the business in its current form. Finally, T-DAB went live mid-2017 as an organisation providing expertise in delivering data science as a service.


Since then, T-DAB has grown to a core team of seven along with a pool of twenty trusted data science associate consultants including; data scientists, data engineers, solution architects, data analysts, and business intelligence analysts. In addition, T-DAB has curated a wider network of over 150 data professionals via social media, events, and our own online community platform.

Our mission statements

To combine the best of cutting-edge science and business understanding, to deliver the highest quality data science solutions to our clients.

Provide an opportunity to freelance data professionals to work as part of a new community-based model of engagement.

The T-DAB Team

Paul Calver

Chairman and CFO

Eric Topham

CEO and Data Science Director

Ivan Scattergood

Data Engineering Director

Simon Briscoe


George Hancock

Head of Business Development and Partnerships

Trevor Bailey

Project Management and Operations

Debbie Calver


Senior Associate Consultants

Kryzstof Przysowa

Senior Data Scientist

James Cross

Senior Cloud Solution Architect

Tom Martin

Full Stack Developer & Machine Learning Engineer

Academic Research and Development

Pedro Baiz

Associate Researcher

Birk Ulstad


Roman Kastusik


T-DAB Professional Data Science Community

T-DAB curates a community of highly skilled data professionals. These associates provide invaluable skills, expertise and resource to allow us to tailor carefully our technical team profiles to the exact requirements of the client and the project.


The community is more than a database of names and transient relationships. T-DAB offers training courses to our community, to help them stay at the cutting edge of the rapidly changing data technology landscape. We also organise community events, inviting our community to share projects and problems, as well as discuss and debate the latest advancements in the world of data.


Most importantly, we try to foster a warm community atmosphere, with social events and keeping in regular contact so that everyone feels part of the T-DAB team.


We regularly collaborate with WisConT, our specialist technical partners, with high-end expertise in data, industrial IoT, and infrastructure asset management.

Apogee Software specialise in the development of big data analytics and converting bleeding edge machine learning algorithms into production ready enterprise solutions for financial markets.

We are a key specialist ecosystem member of the Microsoft Partner Network. We hold accredited Silver level competencies in both Data Analytics and Data Platform.